Outreach Programs

As people with families and businesses of our own, we share and understand the concerns and needs of other busy families.

We know how much you want to fully protect your children, family, and business, as well as just how easy it is to put off finalizing the legal planning necessary to actually accomplish that goal.

Our aim is to break that logjam and form an ongoing, trusted relationship to help you navigate through life’s challenges and blessings.

Life Law offers two different FREE, educational, and empowering talks, all designed to highlight
what a Personal Family Lawyer and a Creative Business Lawyer can do for you, your family, and your business.

“Estate Planning for Professional Women”

Making Sure YOU’RE in the Pilot Seat of Your Estate Plan

An hour-long presentation about the importance of having an estate strategy, including what goes into a solid estate plan and solutions to ensure that you—and not a judge—determines where your hard-earned wealth goes (complete with Q&A session).

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“Top 10 Business Pitfalls”

Avoiding the Business Owner’s Most Common Regrets

An hour-long presentation on the most common mistakes business owners make, from using a set-it-and-forget-it setup to failing to protect their personal lives from their businesses—and vice versa (complete with Q&A session and take-home worksheet).

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