Kim Life

Managing Partner

Hi, I’m Kim. I am a chronic optimist and a firm believer in karma, paying it forward, and loving life.

Estate law. I practice estate law with one specific goal in mind: to help my clients get their Life and Legacy goals out of the “Really Oughta Do” box and into the “DOIN’ IT!” box.

You’ll notice I don’t have a “Done” box. Life and legacy planning isn’t a static, one-time effort. Your plan must change as your lives change, grow as your family grows. That’s why I’ve designed this practice to ensure that we cover more than just your financial assets, by:

  • Preserving and passing on your valuable intangible gifts: who you are and what’s important to you.
  • Empowering you and your family to establish, manage, and grow your legacies.

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Creative business counsel. I’ve worn entrepreneur shoes (well, flip flops, really) since I was 18, having worked almost exclusively for myself for (counting, counting… YIKES!) many years. I’ve learned from mistakes, enjoyed success, and I absolutely love helping others start and grow their own businesses. The creativity and energy of starting a new business are contagious, and it’s what wakes me up in the wee hours with “aHA!” moments.

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Austin Evans


Hi, I’m Austin, and I help companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries overcome their challenges.

Spanning nearly twenty years, I have built up an expertise that combines public policy, economics, and legal mechanics into useful counsel for businesses with complex, highly-regulated matters. All too often, the hoops that businesses have to jump through for their investors, their bankers, their employees, or their relevant government agencies seems daunting — oftentimes by design. My job is to demystify these nuances for you, allowing you to do your #1 job: run your business.

I help my clients meet these challenges with candid advice, short-and-sweet solutions, and strategic thinking that anticipates a business’s future needs instead of simply answering the immediate issue.

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